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spacer Compact Disc: The Sundays - Blind spacer  

Narrative: Copper sourced from Chile, Peru, or Ecuador and produced in a factory in the United States; aluminum from Russia or China; polycarbonate plastic from California, South Africa, Somalia, South Korea, or Germany; boxite from Australia, and parts assembled in a factory in the United States.

Petroleum refineries; Power generation and supply; Plastics material and resin manufacturing; Coal mining; Alumina refining and primary aluminum production; Other basic organic chemical manufacturing; Oil and Gas extraction; Motor vehicle parts and manufacturing; Truck transportation; Oil and gas extraction; Iron and steel mills. Land use includes: Logging; Forest nurseries, forest products, and timber tracts; Cattle ranching and farming.

Distributed through Parlophone (founded in Germany in 1896 by the Carl Lindstrom Company as Parlophon. The British branch was formed in 1923 as "Parlophone Records". In 1926, Columbia Gramophone Company acquired Parlophone.) Columbia Graphophone later became Columbia Records, and then EMI.  

I found this CD on Orchard street in the Lower East Side, down the street from a studio I shared. The CD was in a pile with an assortment of books, and I also took one book. I'm currently living with it in Brooklyn.





  mary mattingly