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spacer Mix Tape: The Makeup and Wire spacer  

Narrative: This is a chrome and cobalt-absorbed tape (IEC Type II). Cobalt-absorbed iron oxide (Avilyn) was introduced by TDK in 1974 and proved very successful. Chromium dioxide (CrO2) was introduced to cassette tapes by DuPont, the inventor of the particle.  This coating was then placed on wide rolls of polyester plastic film under dust-free conditions and while the coating was still “wet” the tape was passed though a strong magnetic field.  After the coating had been smoothed, dried, and polished, the tape was then slit to the 0.15 inches wide.

I made this mix tape in East Hartford, Connecticut in 1997 from David O'neill's record collection. This mix tape moved with me to Boston Massachusetts, Portland, Oregon, Rotterdam, Netherlands, to New York City. It was stored in an attic in Somers, Connecticut for three years. I'm currently living with it in Brooklyn.









  mary mattingly