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Narrative: Copper sourced from Chile, Peru, or Ecuador and produced in a factory in the United States; aluminum from Russia or China; polycarbonate plastic from California, South Africa, Somalia, South Korea, or Germany; boxite from Australia, and parts assembled in a factory in the United States.

The larger supply chain includes: Petroleum refineries; Power generation and supply; Plastics material and resin manufacturing; Coal mining; Alumina refining and primary aluminum production; Oil and Gas extraction; Motor vehicle parts and manufacturing; Truck transportation; Iron and steel mills.

Stars Forever (Le Grand Magistery 61665-60010-2) (1999) is an album for which the artist Momus wrote thirty songs, one about every person or group who commissioned a song at the price of $1,000. "Patrons" include artist Jeff Koons and two-year-old animator/superhero Noah Brill. Stars Forever also features the winners of a karaoke contest started on the album The Little Red Songbook (1998).  Le Grand Magistery is an independent record label operating out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan since 1996.

I purchased this in Boston at Borders Book Store with my employee discount in 1999. It moved with me to Portland, OR and to New York City. It was in storage in Somers, CT for five years. It's currently with me in Brooklyn.






  mary mattingly