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Narrative: MetroCard Playing Cards

Manufactured in China by Shenzhen Great Creativity Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd , established in 1999, with 6 subsidiary factories, specialized in PVC card, smart card, metal card, portrait card, paper card ,RFID card,3D card and chest badges. Their printing machine is high quality: it is a 4 color Heidelberg Speed master printer.

Petroleum refineries; Power generation and supply; Plastics material and resin manufacturing; Coal mining; Alumina refining and primary aluminum production; Other basic organic chemical manufacturing; Oil and Gas extraction; Motor vehicle parts and manufacturing; Truck transportation; Oil and gas extraction; Iron and steel mills. Land use includes: Logging; Forest nurseries, forest products, and timber tracts; Cattle ranching and farming

Metrocard playing cards are made by the same company that produces metrocards for New York City subways and busses. This set of playing cards was given to me as a gift from David Darst who most likely purchased it in Grand Central Station, at the Grand Central Station giftshop in 2010. They are currently in Brooklyn, NY.









  mary mattingly