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spacer Dried Up Flowers in Wooden Box spacer  

Narrative: These plants were collected in the desert outside of Bend, Oregon in 2002. On a research trip where I configured and tested projects called Wearable Homes, these plants were the majority of the flora in a certain area.

The box was found and is made from plywood. The most common softwood used to make plywood in the United States is Douglas fir. Composite plywood has a core made of particleboard or solid lumber pieces joined edge to edge. It is finished with a plywood veneer face and back. Softwood plywood sheets designed for installation on the interior of a structure may use a blood protein or a soybean protein adhesive, although most softwood interior sheets are now made with the same phenol-formaldehyde resin used for exterior sheets. The process includes felling the trees, preparing the logs, making the veneer, and finally forming the plywood sheets.